Growing up; growing older

Thomas and I cycled the Hogs Back loop today.  I wanted to assess his capacity for longer rides — perhaps to Fitzroy Harbour Provincial Park, or down to Dawn and Chris’ home in Oxford Mills.  He rode to school through the autumn, and both his speed and endurance seem good.  I don’t think that he’ll have any problem keeping up on longer rides, provided that he doesn’t burn himself out too early.  I wonder if, by the end of the summer, I’ll be able to keep up with him.

On the way back, we stopped at Pure Gelato on Elgin Street, where I enjoyed a mix of lime and raspberry.  The first taste of the lime gelato took me back to North Kingston, Rhode Island, in about 1973.  The “Dell’s Lemonade” truck would come tinkling and jingling by in the evenings, on the weekends, or at lunchtime at school.  I would buy a lemon-lime ice, in a bright green paper cup.  I would stand on the sidewalk, peel back the paper lid, scrape a curving sliver of ice off the top with the small, wooden spoon, and then catch it on my tongue.  Delicious.  I hope that I can give Thomas (and Ben) the same kinds of memories.

Tom and I sat at the window counter in the gelato shop, watching life along Elgin Street.  It wasn’t quite a holiday; it wasn’t quite workday.  The sidewalk held an odd mix of office workers and street people, pretty girls and gruff old men.  We left the shop and pushed our bikes along to Bridgehead, where I bought some beautifully oily french roast beans, and then we cycled the last five minutes home.  The honeysuckle was in bloom beside the footbridge, and students spread over the grass by the canal.